Effortlessly add the final touches to decadent desserts and frosted cakes with Restaurantware’s selection of high-quality cake turntables. Ideal for easily icing cakes with precision and speed, our collection of cake spinners are perfect for streamlining cake preparations at your bakery, restaurant, or catering service. Use our rotating cake stands to seamlessly spin and decorate your confections and create unforgettable dessert displays for your guests. 


Our selection of cake turntables is equipped with rotating mechanisms and brakes that make it easy to turn cakes while decorating and keep them in place when tediously frosting specific areas. The non-slip base is great for safely placing desserts onto our rotating cake stands without the risk of messy accidents or cakes toppling over. With a heavy-duty construction and measurement markers, our selection of cake spinners is designed to securely hold cakes of all shapes and sizes. 


Shop our collection of cake turntables to make the process of frosting and decorating desserts easy for your employees. Our rotating cake stands are the perfect addition to your bakeware supplies and made to last through frequent use at your establishment. Choose from our variety of cake spinners to find the best cake-decorating solutions for your bakery.

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