How to Care for Glassware

How to Care for Glassware

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Tips on keeping your glassware safe

Glassware is classy, and a staple in many different food establishments. Whether you are in a restaurant, bar, café, catering business, or bakery, glassware can be used for many different reasons. The clear, elegant look allows customers to see beautiful creations and lets chefs’ creativity shine through. Glassware is mainly used for tableware. However, besides tableware, glass can serve water, oil, vinegar, and salad dressings among many other necessities. Although glass is reusable, it can sometimes be difficult to keep glasses looking brand new. There are many tips and tricks to keeping glassware alive for years in a busy restaurant setting.

Restaurantware has a vast collection of glassware, including drinking glasses, double wall glasses, mason jars, swing top jars, and bottles. Each is used for a specific role in a food establishment, whether it be for serving or storage. Glassware is reusable and recyclable, so using glass products lessens your impact on the environment. Our glassware lasts for years, if you take the steps to preserve them for as long as possible. We all know that restaurants, bars, cafes, food trucks, weddings, banquets, and other events can all be busy with many people in one area. Thus, many accidents cannot be avoided. However, you can control some scenarios, especially when it comes to how you handle your glassware.

Our glassware is eco-friendly because it reduces the need of resources because these products are reusable. Thus, no new products need to be made when you reuse this tableware and serveware as much as possible. To keep your carbon footprint as small as possible, it’s important to take care of your glassware so they last a long time. The longer you use your glasses, the less impact you have on the environment because the less resources have to be used to make new glassware. To make this easier for you, we collected a few tips and tricks for taking care of your precious glasses.

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Take care of your glassware so they last longer

Take extra steps to always avoid clinking glasses

Glass is a very delicate material, so you want to avoid hitting glasses against anything hard. Whether they clink with other glasses, a keg, flatware, or anything else, this can make them more prone to shattering. The impact of glass against other surfaces causes stress on the material, which makes it weaker. Thus, take care not to store flatware in glasses, clink glasses together, or let glasses come in contact with taps. These small steps can help avoid unnecessary cracking, chipping, and shattering and ensures that your glassware will stay intact for as long as possible.

Mind the temperature

Glasses are not only sensitive to impacts, but they are also weary around extreme changes in temperature. Thus, avoid putting ice and ice-cold beverages into glass tableware that is hot out of the dishwasher. The intense change can weaken glass and can make it more prone to damage. Glass isn’t strong enough to handle extreme temperatures, so be sure to supervise their use around extreme hot and cold. Sometimes, if exposed to high temperatures, the glass can explode. This is not only wasting a glass, but it also is a safety hazard for your employees and customers.

Avoid stacking glasses

Stacking glasses adds unnecessary stress on this precious tableware. Not only can this cause glass to break accidentally, but it also can lead to scratches, chips, or cracks. Stacking is also a gamble because if one layer gives out, then many glasses may be compromised at once. This can be a devastating blow for any restaurant, especially one that primarily uses glassware on tables and in the kitchen. Thus, avoid this catastrophe by not stacking glasses around your establishment. If you need extra space or more organization, then look into investing in getting a glass rack. This not only helps store glasses safely, but it also looks professional and clean.

Drinking Glasses

We all know that restaurants and food establishments are busy with people walking in aisles, children running around, and other happenings. So, it’s no wonder that some glasses are forfeited due to accidents. However, many glasses can be saved with proper care and handling. Since restaurants, events, and other food establishments are always busy, we know that waiters and other personnel try to juggle a lot at one time. However, glasses should be handled with care individually. When multiple glasses are carried together, they clink which causes stress on them. This happens multiple times within a short period when they are being carried. Carrying glasses carelessly can make them more prone to damage. Instead of carrying multiple glasses together, use a tray to simplify the transportation.

Glasses are a staple in the restaurant world, so we just want to help you keep glasses looking new for as long as possible. Over time, you may notice that glasses can get foggy from dishwashers and use. You can renovate your glasses every few weeks to keep them looking brand new. This will impress your customers because your glassware will look better than your competitors’. Although glass is gorgeous, it takes constant care to keep them shining. Nothing will quite bring down the atmosphere like dirty, cloudy glasses. So, make sure they are presentable even after using them for awhile. Accidents do happen, and glasses will shatter. Thus, make sure you have plenty of extras ready to be used.

At Restaurantware, we strive to sell the most beautiful tableware available, and our glassware is an elite collection. Eating establishments all over the world love our glassware and use them daily to make a lasting impression on customers. This collection has a wide variety of shapes and sizes of different glassware products, including glasses, jars, and bottles. Thus, it is easy to decorate your tables in a stylish, yet functional, way. Using our glassware is also eco-friendly because you reuse resources rather than disposing them after every use. Glass can also be recycled in order for us to reuse these resources time after time.