Restaurantware’s portable restaurant induction equipment delivers consistent, precise, and energy efficient heat on the go -- ideal for use in tasting events, food demonstrations, and buffet stations.  

Portable induction cooktops use an electromagnetic field to transfer heat directly to induction ready cookware -- which means pans are brought to temperature almost instantaneously - and you’re not left standing around, waiting for them to heat up. This also means that Restaurantware’s catering induction equipment can provide more energy efficient, safe, and precise cooking abilities than its gas or electric counterparts.

Restaurantware’s commercial portable induction cooktops feature sturdy, stainless steel frames and a convenient, digital temperature gauge and dial.  Our selection of portable induction hot plates are ideal for hotels, country clubs, caterers, food trucks, and restaurants because they cook food fast -- and safely.

Plus, they dissipate less heat than other types of stovetops, which means that your kitchen, or event space, is kept cool -- so you can stay cool, calm, and collected as you execute your dishes.

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