Conveniently store all types of ingredients using Restaurantware's selection of tape bags. Whether you're prepackaging foods to sell or storing ingredients for later use, our tape bags securely seal dishes to help preserve their freshness.

Each food bag features a lip and tape design, allowing you to seal the lip over the opening of the bag to lock in foods. Our resealable plastic bags can be conveniently opened and closed a number of times without losing their exceptional strength. Featuring a clear finish, our tape bags provide patrons with a full view of the freshness and lively colors of grab-and-go items offered at your convenience store, food market, or fast-casual restaurant. Our self-sealing bags are microwave-safe, allowing you to quickly reheat prepackaged snacks or desserts without removing them from bags. Each disposable food bag is grease-resistant to keep saucy or oily dishes from seeping through and creating messes on display cases.

Browse our collection of lip and tape bags to find the perfect bags for your foodservice establishment. Available in a number of sizes, our tape closure bags allow you to easily organize and separate ingredients while keeping them covered.

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