Accurately label your foods with our RW Smart collection. Made from sturdy bamboo, our paddle skewers are naturally heat-resistant for customers to comfortably pick up hot bite-sized appetizers without burning their fingers.

For customers that prefer appetizers made without gluten, use our paddle food markers which read “GLUTEN FREE” to help them select their preferred choice of baked goods. With our “VEGAN” labeled bamboo picks, you can easily draw customers’ attention to your vegan options. Perfect for bite-sized meats, our “RARE”, “MEDIUM RARE”, “MEDIUM”, “MEDIUM WELL”, and “WELL” food paddles provide guests with quick identification of the meat servings they prefer. All of our food markers can keep dishes organized, label specific servings, or help cook food.

With a paddle design, our food picks allow guests to easily and comfortably pick up hors d’oeuvres. Our wooden paddle picks are commercially compostable and biodegradable for a fast and simple cleanup at the end of the day.

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