Provide customers with a safe surface to enjoy meals on or a comfortable way to enjoy beverages on the go with Restaurantware's French Countryside collection. Our French Countryside placemats are specially designed to protect tabletops and table linens from accidental spills. With unique patterns and finishes, our table mats provide table settings with a trendy look that effortlessly complements the rustic decor at your foodservice establishment. Our French Countryside collection features drinking bottles and their coordinating lids to securely seal freshly made juices or teas. With a clear finish, our drinking bottles showcase the vibrant colors of drinks to capture the attention of patrons. Excellent for displaying prepared drinks in your grab-and-go coolers, our glass bottles offer guests a convenient way to enjoy their favorite beverage on the go. Our French Countryside collection also includes drinking bottle replacement caps, allowing you to repurpose these high-quality bottles after use. Our wide variety of French Countryside products are designed to add convenience and style to your cafe, fast-casual restaurant, or diner. The collection features placemats that allow employees to quickly reset tables and drinking bottles that enhance the look of to go drink orders. Available in a number of styles and sizes, easily find the products that best suit your business.

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