If you want to spend a ton of money, want to get stressed over breaking tableware and would love to spend hours cleaning up after your wedding reception, then you should really choose china as the tableware for your wedding day celebration. However, if you prefer not to do these things, then your best bet is to use disposable wedding plates.

med bamboo plate
Look at the elegance of this wedding plate.

Here are a few good reasons to use disposable plates on your wedding day.

1. Saving money is definitely a good reason to use disposable wedding plates. Every one knows how expensive a wedding can be, dresses, decorations and everything seems to keep adding up so why not save money by using disposable wedding plates. These types of plates are definitely cheaper than china so you will be able to save a bunch of cash by using disposable plates instead of china.

2. Color is important. Every bride wants their tableware to match the other decorations at their reception. Disposable wedding plates come in several different colors, shapes, sizes and designs thus you will be able find plates that match perfectly with all your other wedding decorations.

3. Clean up is so much easier. Using disposable wedding plates means you won’t have so many dirty dishes to wash after your big day is over. This means you will spend less time cleaning up the venue and get on with more important matters like your honeymoon.

4. Look Beautiful. Some people might think that disposable wedding plates look flimsy and shouldn’t be used at weddings, but this is not true. Disposable wedding plates look gorgeous, they come in many shapes, sizes and designs all that add beauty to a wedding celebration.

Clearly, disposable wedding plates are a great choice in regard to wedding day tableware. You will only benefit by using these plates on your special day so the next time you start thinking about what kind of tableware to use at your wedding reception, seriously consider disposable wedding plates. They are perfect for any wedding celebration.