We understand that holiday gift shopping can be stressful because you can spend weeks driving to multiple stores or hours researching online just to find the perfect gift for that someone special. ’Tis the season for Christmas shopping, it has never been easier than with our holiday gift guide that breaks down the top presents every foodservice professional, home chef, or cocktail enthusiast would enjoy.

Gifts For Bakers

It can be a daunting task to buy gifts for the bakers in your life because you may feel like they already have everything they need. However, bakers are always looking for new baking tools and equipment to help increase their efficiency. Whether your boyfriend is a professional baker or your wife loves baking on the weekends, below are the gifts your favorite baker will be thankful for.

Russian Piping Tip Set

Bakers use piping tips to effortlessly create those intricate flowers or stars you see on desserts. While you can buy each style of piping tips individually, purchasing a set of varied styles allows them to pipe all types of unique decorations. To provide bakers with all the essentials to add intricate details on countless desserts, each of our piping tip sets includes:

  • One tri-color coupler
  • Multiple piping bags
  • Numerous piping tips of varied styles

Revolving Cake Stand With Silicone Piping Bags

If your baker is constantly creating intricate designs on desserts, they will appreciate a revolving cake stand. A cake spinner turns clockwise and counterclockwise, allowing bakers to rotate the board while decorating the cake. Bakers can add the final touches to desserts without needing to walk around the kitchen. Our revolving cake stand set includes four silicone pastry bags that measure 10, 12, 14, and 16 inches long, allowing bakers to comfortably decorate small pastries or large wedding cakes.

Animal Cookie Cutter Set

Does the baker you're buying a gift for enjoy baking cookies for their children or love animals? If so, they will appreciate this animal cookie cutter set. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, this cookie cutter set finely cuts through dough to create detailed desserts. Stainless steel cookie cutters don't bend or lose their shape, ensuring professional or beginner bakers can consistently make mouthwatering animal-shaped desserts. This animal cookie cutter set includes:

  • One cat cookie cutter
  • One dog cookie cutter
  • One dolphin cookie cutter
  • One duck cookie cutter
  • One fish cookie cutter
  • One giraffe cookie cutter
  • One llama cookie cutter
  • One squirrel cookie cutter

Note: If you believe the baker you’re shopping for would prefer a different style of cookie cutters, click here to browse through the rest of our collection.

Gifts For Bartenders

Don't panic if you're finding it difficult to find the right gifts for bartenders. Full-time mixologists likely own everything needed to craft cocktails and aspiring bartenders may only have a few tools. Regardless of their skill level, mixologists are always looking for tools that will help them take their showmanship to the next level.

3-Tier Glass Rimmer

Bartenders coat the rim of a glass with salt, sugar, or citrus juice to provide texture and contrasting flavors to a cocktail. While it may look like a simple task, mixologists understand that there is an art to it. You want to prevent getting the garnish inside the glass to avoid throwing off the drink's flavor. A glass rimmer allows bartenders to quickly and effectively coat glasses to ensure they keep up with the flow of incoming orders without sacrificing drink presentations and flavors. To prevent mixologists from mixing up ingredients, this glass rimmer features three labeled compartments.

Bar Caddy

Most handcrafted cocktails feature garnishes to enhance their aesthetics and flavors. To quickly and efficiently add the finishing touch to cocktails, bartenders store ingredients in a condiment caddy with multiple compartments. A bar caddy is perfect for keeping all of the garnishes mixologists use throughout their shift in one location. Our selection of bar caddies includes a clear cover to keep limes, lemons, cherries, and other ingredients protected.

Pineapple Tumbler

Every bartender has one goal in mind: find innovative ways to make their handcrafted cocktails stand out. A simple way for mixologists to increase the perceived value of a cocktail is with our pineapple tumbler. The copper plating of this pineapple glass brings an elegant look and tropical twist to every beverage. This tumbler is the perfect gift for professional bartenders or aspiring mixologists that enjoy crafting cocktails at pool parties or family gatherings.

Gifts For Butchers

It can be challenging to purchase presents for butchers because they likely have a number of knives to work with the shank, short loin, short plate, and other beef cuts. While you may think butchers only work with knives, there are other tools and equipment they use to make their jobs easier. Below are some of the best gift ideas for meat cutters to ensure they can effortlessly perform any cut a customer may request.

Food Scale

When you purchase meat at a grocery store or butcher shop, you've likely noticed that they are sold by the pound. Butchers weigh meats to determine the price of each cut and guarantee they provide patrons with the exact amount they ordered. While the professional meat cutter you know may already have a food scale, many butchers have a scale at every cutting station to prevent them from walking to the scale and back to the station after every cut. Food scales are also beneficial for people who love to grill because they can weigh out ingredients and flavorings.

Cut-Resistant Gloves

From meat slicers to knives, butchers are consistently working with sharp objects. To show the meat cutters in your life that you want to keep them safe, you can gift them cut-resistant gloves. These cutting gloves are specially engineered to protect their hands and fingers while working with a sharp blade. The gloves are also flexible and lightweight to allow butchers to comfortably complete numerous cutting tasks throughout the day.

Floor Mats

The floors at butcher shops are slippery because of the amount of cleaning and sanitizing performed throughout the day. Commercial floor mats are placed in meat-cutting areas to create a non-slip surface that provides workers traction and minimizes accidents and injuries. Our collection of floor mats are constructed from shock-absorbent rubber to ensure meat cutters can comfortably prep and package orders for extended periods.

Gifts For Caterers

Caterers are jacks of all trades as they design menus with clients, prepare meals in a kitchen at the event, and serve the food when it's time to eat. At times, caterers are forced to prepare meals in their kitchen and safely transport it to events without sacrificing quality. When thinking about gift ideas for caterers, consider products that will allow them to prepare food anywhere or securely transport ready-to-eat meals.

Induction Cooktop

Caterers are constantly on the go and may not have time to prepare food in their kitchen or don't have a stove to work with at an event. A portable induction cooktop allows them to cook meals for clients anywhere with an outlet. Many caterers also prefer induction cooktops when working action stations because the cooktops only distribute heat when pans are on units, reducing energy usage and avoiding accidents.

Insulated Beverage Dispenser

Many clients request caterers to serve coffee, tea, or juice at their event. Caterers typically prepare the drinks in their kitchens and transport them to events using insulated beverage dispensers. An insulated dispenser is designed to preserve the temperature of hot and cold drinks throughout the duration of an event. A dispenser makes a caterer's job easy because it eliminates the hassle of finding a way to reheat beverages or keep drinks cool.

Insulated Food Pan Carrier

Every caterer's best friend is an insulated food pan carrier because it's excellent for transporting hot and cold meals to events. When using an insulated food pan holder, caterers don't have to worry about food spoiling because it's built to maintain food temperature for hours. A pan carrier also features numerous slots, allowing caterers to neatly organize multiple food pans.

Gifts For Chefs

We understand how vital it is to get your friend or family member who is a chef a special gift because you want them to continue to have you over for dinner. Whether the chef you know is a professional or enjoys cooking as a hobby, it’s essential to know their goal is to efficiently prepare meals without impacting food presentation. Below you can find a few gifts for cooking enthusiasts that will enhance their performance and organization.

Knife Set

It's true — not all knives are created equally. Every type of kitchen knife has a unique blade length, edge, and purpose. Rather than guessing what type of knife your favorite chef may need, you can gift them a knife set. A knife set features numerous knives and each one is used to complete specific tasks. With a knife set, chefs can complete any kitchen task with ease, making it one of the best gifts for cooks.

Knife Block

Organization is key for chefs since they consistently use various tools to prepare dishes for guests. To avoid wasting time finding the right knife to dice an onion or slice bread, a knife block makes knives easily accessible and keeps them in one location. A kitchen knife holder also provides chefs with a secure way to store knives and maintain their sharpness.

Cutting Board Set

When chefs prepare food in the kitchen, they cut or dice various ingredients which makes color-coded cutting boards essential. Each color is designed for particular food products to prevent harmful bacterias from transferring from one food to another. Full-time chefs heavily rely on color-coded chopping mats to complete multiple cutting tasks and will appreciate receiving something they will frequently use.

Gifts For Event Planners

Do you have friends that arrange the details of events or coordinate celebrations for a living? If you do, think about the events they typically plan. Wedding planners usually use different decorations or supplies than people who coordinate birthday parties. Understanding the events your friends work will allow you to know what they need, making it easy to find the perfect gift.

Serving Board

Charcuterie boards are one of the hottest trends today. Regardless of the type of event you go to, you will likely see a charcuterie board. Many event planners display dry-cured meats and cheeses using a wooden board because it enhances the overall look of dishes. This serving board features unique bark edges that allow event planners to seamlessly complement rustic wedding themes or bring an earthy touch to birthday celebrations.

Flameless Candles

Event planners don't use candles with real fire because they are dangerous, the wax can transfer to tables, and some venues don't allow them. For a safer alternative, many event planners turn to flameless candles. LED candles are easy to set up and are excellent to use as complex centerpieces or decorations throughout venues. They allow event planners to create a romantic mood and denote elegance. Although you may notice that the event coordinator in your life may already have flameless candles, gifting them more candles will allow them to display numerous candles throughout a venue and create more intricate decorations.

Card Holders

Card holders are a great gift idea for event planners because they use them to display table numbers, menus, and other signs. Name card holders are essential for event planners because they keep signs secure during indoor and outdoor events. Event planners use numerous card holders at event entrances, reception tables, or action stations to display information party guests will find helpful.

Find The Perfect Gift

Before purchasing holiday gifts for friends and family, consider their full-time jobs or hobbies. Every career in the food industry uses different tools and equipment to prepare for events or serve customers' orders. Getting the event planners or bakers in your life a specific gift to their profession will ensure that they frequently use it.