Finding the opportunity to show off an order in food packaging can be difficult. That’s where our Slide Tek Rectangle Kraft Paper Catering Tray comes in. This catering box features a window that beautifully displays your intricately packaged snacks or meals. It is also secure and dependable when delivering or transporting food to events. This detailed guide breaks down what our paper catering tray offers and why this versatile product is an excellent addition to your catering supplies.

Paper Catering Tray Benefits

This catering box functions as a tray with a cover that lets you pack to go food items, then easily slide it into a cover for easy transport. But, this product has multiple features that make it a uniquely complex product that is easy to use.

Clear Window

One of the most beneficial — and easiest to spot — features of this paper to-go container is the built-in window. The tray cover has a clear window that can streamline the food packaging process. It allows staff to quickly identify foods in the boxes without removing the cover. This helps with the organization throughout all parts of the process: from packaging orders, organizing trays for transport, and unloading and arranging them at an event. Eliminating the need to open the boxes to see what’s inside not only does it save time but also keeps food fresh.


Preventing messes is crucial, especially when transporting the box between locations. This kraft paper is grease-resistant, preventing grease or oils from seeping through. You can package greasy dishes without the risk of accidental messes. Plus, it’s naturally durable and won’t bend or fold when filled with heavy foods.

This single-use catering box features tab locks that also help avoid spills or leaks. The side lock on the food tray keeps meals locked in for security. You can ensure the box remains closed for freshness and safety, especially during delivery. It removes the need to add tape to the edge of the box.

This tray measures 17.75 inches long by 12.25 inches wide by 3.25 inches tall, making it great for packaging multiple items in one box. Conveniently, tray inserts can be put in the box to separate dishes. For example, you can separate appetizers from desserts to keep them from mixing inside the box. There are small or medium inserts; the box can fit up to four small inserts or two medium inserts at tray with food


Made from high-quality paper, this to go catering box can be easily recycled after use. The disposable design of the box also makes it convenient for taking dishes to events without worrying about leaving the container behind. It also eliminates the need to wash additional dishes after a large event, which allows for speedy cleanup.

What Food Can Be Put In It?

This box works great for packaging menu items that are easy to grab such as finger foods or anything that may not require utensils. Some examples include:

      • Wraps: Chicken caesar wraps, BLT wraps, or any other kind of wraps are a great option for this box.
      • Fruit cups: Small, individually sized fruit cups are simple to assemble, arrange in this box, and easy to grab for guests to enjoy.
      • Bagels: This box is excellent for packaging bagels for breakfast. The coordinating inserts can even help separate bagels by flavor.
      • Pastries: Breakfast or dessert pastries can be easily placed on this tray. It can also be great for delivering large quantities of treats from your establishment to an event.
      • Cookies or brownies: This tray can be perfect as a dessert tray for cookies, brownies, or other bite-sized treats.
      • Chicken tenders: Chicken tenders are a great option to include in this box; they can even be served alongside individually sized condiment cups.
      • Small sandwiches: Sandwiches cut into halves or quarters are ideal for this box as they are an easy grab-and-go appetizer.
      • Charcuterie: As seen in the video below, this tray can be used to create a charcuterie board. It allows you to build a beautiful charcuterie board that can be easily transported. paper catering tray

Transporting Meals Made Easy!

This box is a versatile product that can be used for a variety of foods and events. With the tab locks, you can know that meals will stay intact during transport. The built-in window lets staff and guests see the treats packed away inside without letting out the freshness. Perfect for catering large-scale gatherings or get-togethers with family and friends, you can count on this box as a simple, reliable, and secure packaging container.