With the coronavirus pandemic lifting alcohol delivery bans across many states, a whole new door has opened up for delivery and take out orders. Restaurants and bars have taken advantage of these circumstances and have implemented innovative ideas in their alcohol delivery menus to boost to-go alcohol sales. A tactic that has proved successful is DIY cocktail kits, which typically include mixers, garnishes, and liquors, and allow customers to create at-home bar experiences.

These DIY cocktail kits have proven to be a highly engaging and profitable way to boost interest and increase sales in delivery channels. Whether it’s online delivery orders or curbside pickup, if your establishment typically serves alcoholic drinks to customers dining in, now is the time to have cocktails available for pickup or delivery. Not only is it a great way to satisfy your regular customers, who miss sipping on your cocktails, but it also entices new customers to place an order from your business. If you’re staring at your bar wondering where to begin, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about DIY cocktail kits.

How To Make A DIY Cocktail Kit

Creating a cocktail kit is simple: individually package all of the ingredients you would typically use to make your bestselling cocktails, provide liquor pairings to accompany them, and add them to your online menus!

Steps To Make A DIY Cocktail Kit

  • Bottle up mixers, portion out simple syrups, separate garnishes, and securely package all the ingredients so they’re ready for delivery
  • Provide an assortment of liquors by the bottle at different price points to satisfy all of your customers’ individual preferences
  • Alternatively, you can also opt to pre-batch your cocktails and sell them already prepared
  • Attach recipes to your containers to provide customers with a step-by-step process on how to prepare the cocktail

Keep in mind that even in a to-go setting, cocktails are all about presentation. Think about the garnishes you can include to provide interesting ways for customers to prepare your off-premise cocktails. Consider including citrus wheels, dehydrated fruit, sprigs of herbs, and the other garnishes you typically have stocked at your bar.

The packaging you use to contain your DIY cocktail kit ingredients also plays an important role in the presentation and perceived value of your cocktails. For an elevated look, choose glass bottles or jars. For a fun twist, look for single-use drink pouches. Most importantly, ensure that you choose leakproof containers to prevent spills while in transit.

Offer Beer And Wine To Go

Your to-go cocktail menu doesn’t have to be limited to just liquors and spirits! Include your restaurant’s selection of wine and draft or bottled beers to provide customers with plenty of beverage options.

To boost sales, consider running promotions that allow customers to build their own six-packs of beers or create custom cases of wine. Keep in mind that offering discounted prices on large beverage orders and creating ads on social media are effective ways to generate awareness and bring in revenue.

Don’t Forget The Snacks

The perfect additions to your to-go bar offerings are to-go bar snack pairings. If your establishment has the proper accommodations, light appetizers and bar snacks definitely deserve a place on your business’ delivery menu. For those in states where alcohol delivery is only permitted if food is ordered, this opens up the door to to-go alcohol orders increasing sales. For restaurants who typically rely heavily on food sales, offering snack pairings alongside cocktails is also an ideal way to entice customers into purchasing from your establishment.

Reevaluate your menu and consider if any items can be transformed into DIY snack kits to accompany your DIY cocktail kits. Consider creating make-your-own personal pizza kits or craft-your-own nacho kits. Reimagine traditional bar snacks like pretzels, charcuterie, or wings and break them down into premade, ready-to-bake kits. Create a pairing guide to suggest which boozy beverages you recommend with the individual items on your food menu. Add these offerings to your online menus and promote them heavily on your social media channels. Your customers will enjoy recreating bar snacks in the comfort of their own home and customizing your premade kits in their own way.

Plan A Virtual Happy Hour

Cocktails are all about the experience, so why not rally your community together and plan a virtual happy hour? Restaurants and bars across the country have been successful in hosting online gatherings, and now is a great time to test the waters and try out your own virtual happy hour.

Virtual events provide a chance for customers to interact with your staff and bring some much-needed joy to your community. A virtual happy hour is also a great way to boost morale amongst employees, who might be missing the normalcy of their jobs. Planning engaging activities like an online happy hour or a virtual ask-your-bartender session is a unique marketing tool that brings back the traditional bar experience in an innovative way. It’s something your local community won’t be quick to forget during these times of hardship.