When packing up your delicious, beautifully decorated desserts for customers, you want to ensure that their orders arrive intact, presentable, and ready to eat! Delivering cakes to customers or transporting baked goods to catering venues can be a hassle if they aren’t packaged correctly. The last thing a customer wants is to see their highly-anticipated dessert order arrive flipped over or damaged during delivery.

Safely transporting desserts to customers eliminates any possible complaints or disappointments. Although there are several ways to properly deliver sweets, you might find some methods work best for a specific kind of dessert. If you are a bakery owner or caterer, below are some helpful ideas for the best ways to safely deliver your desserts.

What Kind Of Dessert Packaging Should I Choose?

Creating unforgettable dessert presentations for your customers is extremely important, as it creates a great and lasting impression of your business. To ensure that your desserts look just as amazing as they taste, you must find dessert packaging that keeps your sweets intact.

When browsing through selections of treat boxes and dessert containers, it can be confusing to decide which packaging works best for your bakery or catering service. Depending on the kinds of desserts you’ll be serving guests, you’ll need to look for containers that properly fit your sweets to avoid any damages during delivery. Select dessert containers in a range of sizes and shapes, to accommodate your variety of sweet treats.

1. Cake Boxes

Cake boxes are great for bakery orders or transporting frosted cakes to venues. Designed with foldable edges and generally shipped flat, cake boxes are ideal for making the most out of the storage space in your commercial kitchen. Cake boxes should have a lightweight feel to them but have durable walls to securely contain desserts while on the go. If you’re looking to pack up creamy tarts, cakes, and frosted pastries, look for cake containers that have a greaseproof lining to eliminate soggy messes.

2. Clear Dessert Containers

If you’re looking to give guests an all-access view to treats, clear dessert containers are an excellent option for your business. Find clear dessert containers with exceptional visibility and a high-shine finish to add a luminous touch to your dessert presentations. Clear dessert containers instantly elevate dessert tables at catered events, as treats can be individually or uniquely displayed for guests to choose from. Arranging clear treat boxes for customers at your bakery is perfect for allowing guests to see the range of pastries your establishment offers.

3. Resealable Treat Bags

Perfect for delivering large amounts of hard candies and sweets, resealable treat bags keep desserts fresh. Resealable treat bags are ideal for catering services looking to pack desserts and arrange them onsite at your client’s venue. If you own a bakery, consider packaging your specialty chocolates into resealable treat bags. Select treat bags with a heat sealable design to lock in freshness, so pastries can stay light and airy over longer periods of time. Treat bags with heavy-duty zippers provide guests with easy access and make treats instantly portable after any event.

4. Individually Wrapped Desserts

Individually wrapped desserts are the perfect solution for single-use catering events or pastry shops. Individually wrapped sweets allow guests to pick the sweets of their choice at dessert tables without having to worry about shared serving utensils. Wrapping sweets individually at your bakery streamlines having to package desserts directly after customers order. Choose containers that have sturdy seals to avoid sweets from spilling out during delivery. Individually wrapped desserts are also ideal for managing portion sizes at catered events or your establishment.

5. Portable Coolers

Portable coolers are the perfect solution for safely transporting desserts to faraway catering venues or customers. If you have cakes, mousses, or confections that are temperature-safe, consider packing desserts in coolers to prevent sweets from melting while on the go. However, instead of filling coolers with messy ice, consider placing reusable ice sheets on the inside of coolers. Reusable ice packs prevent leaky messes from damaging desserts and are much easier to clean up after use. Transporting desserts to venues in portable coolers allows you to expand the area in which your business offers delivery services, as your sweets can now withstand being transported to places over long distances.

Catering Orders Vs. Take Out Orders

Properly assembling orders at a foodservice establishment or a catering service requires different packaging that best fits each kind of scenario. If you’re running a bakery or cafe, you might find that packing desserts into lightweight, foldable containers is great for quickly serving walk-in customers. However, if you own a catering business, your desserts must be able to withstand being transported to far away or close venues while keeping treats intact.

Take Out Orders

  • Look for foldable cake boxes and treat bags that don’t take up much space in your kitchen’s prep area.
  • Choose dessert packaging that is lightweight yet sturdy provides guests with the most comfort.
  • Ensure that you have various sizes of dessert containers available at your establishment, to properly package all kinds of orders.
  • Select grease-resistant containers to prevent messes on the go.

Catering Orders

  • If your desserts are temperature sensitive, consider packing treats into a cooler.
  • If you are looking to assemble your desserts onsite, package ingredients into individual containers.
  • Package several kinds of treats into clear containers before arranging them on a dessert station for organization and neatness.
  • Choose shockproof boxes to keep cakes and pastries from falling over during transit.