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Popular Disposables

Bamboo disposables are made from high quality, sustainable bamboo material, each piece is eco-friendly so you will be helping out the environment every time you use any one of our disposable bamboo tableware. Restaurantware has many types of bamboo disposables such as: disposable bamboo bowls, disposable bamboo plates and much more. You and your guests will love the designs, styles and durability of bamboo flatware and tableware that we offer on a daily basis.

With hundreds of differents options in disposable tableware, Restaurantware is a leader in bamboo, pinewood and plastic products. Below is a list a some of our most popular products, great for catering a wide-range of events. Shop by popularity to view the most popular Restaurantware products for the season, and stay up with the latest trends in restaurantware. 

Weave your way into being known as a superior in the catering industry. Dress up every single one of your tables and masterpieces by using creative popular disposables. Become known as the queen or king of catering by placing unique popular disposables throughout all of your catering events.

Be a caterer that is recognized, loved and thought of every time someone needs to cater a party. Achieve this by purchasing all your popular disposables at RestaurantWare. There are so many glamorous show stopping catering products at RestaurantWare becoming known as the best caterer in town is simply an easy feat.