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Bamboo Disposable
Plates, Cups, Tubes, Tongs and tons of skewers perfect for any catering event. Sustainable, Green Products which are also compostable and biodegradable.
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Porcelain Smallware
Unique Designs and Shapes in a wide range of serving dishes. Items are packed 10 to a case, Reusable and certain to impress guests at your next event.
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Plastic Smallware
Trays and plates, bowls and cups with lids. Recyclable plastic small ware with European Inspired Designs. Perfect for every pastry chef.
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Wood Disposables
Wooden flatware, tableware and smallware is disposable, eco-friendly and stylish.
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Food is your true love. Style is ours.

Fashion For Food



Boats & Cones
Plenty of room for feeding your hungry guest. Simple and elegant designs made from bamboo and pinewood.
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Acrylic, Pinewood and Bamboo plates in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Plenty of mini plates as well as appetizer and entrée plates for your selection.
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Delight your culinary tastes with elegant mini spoons, great for tastings and small bites.
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Bamboo skewers, Paddle Skewers and Willow Picks to fit every need. Get the latest designs to make you the hit of the party. wonderfully. 100+ Designs.
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mini plastic food cup
Mini Trumpet Cup 2 ounces 100 count box
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Share your moments with us.
Mini Heart Plate Porcelain
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Triangolo Porcelain Dish mini dish
Triangolo Porcelain Dish
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