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Food Boats

Our food boats are designed to fit well in restaurants, catering events and home party functions. You can use our food boats to serve up many types of culinary treats. They make the best concession boats and french fry trays. Restaurantware is proud to present our dynamic concession boats, wood boats and bamboo boats to our customers. You are going to be impressed by each and every food boat that you buy from us so why not order them right now.

Cast away your thoughts of always having to use run-of-the-mill plates. Do an about-face and start using mind-blowing food boats. Check out the looks that appear on all your catering client’s faces when they see your tasty treats featured on charming stylish food boats. The looks that you will see on your guests faces will surely make you want to use our cool Food Boats over and over.

Food Boats Food Presentation

Accumulate plenty of unique and magical catering tableware by shopping at Restaurantware. Our food boats will help your catering business rise high above your competitors, they add charm to any kind of food environment. You are sure to impress all your catering and restaurant customers when you use our disposable food trays, food boats and food containers. 

Our catering products are all made from havey duty material and simply magical. You will definitely fall in love with the quality of our disposable serving trays, including our wood and bamboo food boats.