Bamboo Disposables

Our rich selection of disposable bamboo catering supplies  and  bamboo plates will entice your clients with delicious colors, all-natural beauty, and eco-friendly charm. Show your customers you care about our planet as well as our palates. Delight your buffet or wedding guests with these elegant, green alternative to plastic banquet and party supplies. Prove to every one that your feasts can be beautiful, delicious, and eco-friendly. They'll love you for it, almost as much as they'll love your desserts.

Full of lush and tropical flair, our disposable bamboo plates, bamboo skewers, and knotted picks will bring nature's grace to your magnificent displays, and show your commitment to protecting the Earth. From boats and canoes to cones and tubes, Restaurantware's bamboo canoes which will blend your catering creativity with your vision for a sustainable future.