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Our wood cones and cone stands are made to last a long time, they are crafted from sustainable wood materials so you can trust that they will hold your cone creations safe and secure. Restaurtware's cones & displays will help you create a unique look to your buffet lines or table tops, they offer a charm that you can't get from other types of serving vessels. Order them today and watch your food presentations turn into works of culinary art.
  • Bamboo Cone in Medium size showcasing honey roasted peanuts.

    Bamboo Cone Medium 5 inches 200 count box


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  • Medium Pinewood Cones are great homes for berries, chips and a variety of other snack treats.

    Pinewood Cone Medium 5 inches 200 count box


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  • Large Sized Bamboo Food Cone can be a great tool for serving appetizers, desserts and much more.

    Bamboo Cone Large 7 inches 200 count box


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  • Large Pinewood Cones look elegant and stylish, perfect for any upscale wedding celebration, also charming enough to use for casual gatherings.

    Pinewood Cone Large 7 inches 200 count box


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  • small bamboo food cone showcasing tomatoes.

    Bamboo Cone Mini 3 inches 200 count box


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  • Mini Pinewood Cone adds a unique element to weddings, black tie affairs and any special occasion.

    Pinewood Cone Mini 3 inches 200 count box


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  • Divine 12 Cone Curved Multi Level Serving Display showing off several stylish food cones, this unique looking cone stand adds a depth of character to all your restaurant, catering and party food presentation. It is durable and has a unique shape that adds flair to any table or buffet line.

    12 Cone Curved Multi Level Serving Display 1 count box


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  • 12 cone multi-level serving display stand offers a charming and unique touch to any sweet or savory cone creation, it is made out of durable materials so you don't have to worry about it breaking when you fill it up with your delicious cone treats.

    12 Cone Multi level Serving Display 1 count box


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Cones & Stands Information

Match these with our other wood dinnerware

Cones and stands are great for many different events, such as weddings, banquets, dinner parties, and more. You can easily match these displays with our other wooden tableware for a complete look.

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Utensils are necessary with our cones

If your food is a little messy in your cones, don't forget to buy wooden cutlery. Your customers will love the look and feel of these utensils, especially when eating from our food cones.

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Let these elegant wood cone stands help you give your food displays a modern make-over. These natural wood cone stands will offer an earthly modern twist to any type of food presentation. They are a great addition to upscale and casual food setting, use them and you will immediately see how these beauties can turn your food display into a sensational table scape.

Food looks divine in our food cones

Our premium wood cones and cone stands are just the products you need to create the perfect food presentation. Our wooden cones and wood cone stands are made from top of the line material, which means they are durable and work well in any indoor or outdoor party event.

We all know it is important to present your food in a unique and stylish manner, so don't miss your chance to achieve this goal, use our wood and bamboo food cones and cone stands in your restaurant and catering events.

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