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Popular tools to infuse dishes

Lemon Tools

Elegant tools for common garnishes

Silicone Baking Mats

Nonstick surfaces to help you bake

Nitrile Gloves

Sanitary gloves that meet state requirements

Misc Tools

Great for restaurants, caterers, and more

Nitrile Gloves

Sanitary gloves that meet state requirements

Faux Flowers

Great centerpieces for any catered occasion.

Tools Collection Information

Don't forget pipettes are recyclable

Pipettes are widely used repetitively for many different dishes. Many forget that these little innovative plastic tools are recyclable.


Restaurantware offers many eco-friendly collections

Our eco-friendly collections make a statement at any venue or event. We make sure to offer the most trendsetting and green products available.


Our food pipettes are made from premium plastic material, they make life in the kitchen easier because you can use them to transfer liquids from one food dish to another food dish. You can even use our mini plastic pipettes to put a variety of condiments and sauces on fries, chips and much more. Don't wait any longer get Restaurantware's food grade pipettes and simplify life in your kitchen.

Don't forget to stock up on nitrile gloves

Our nitrile gloves are important to chefs, especially when they are working in a commercial kitchen setting. These ensure that all food is handled cleanly and reduces the spread of unwanted germs. Many states are requiring that all food service employees wear these protective gloves.

These gloves come in an elegant black color, so you can be sure that you are safe yet stylish. Each glove is made out of high quality materials, so they are resistant to ripping or tearing. You can be sure that your kitchen is safe when you wear these gloves.

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