The World Will Thank You For Going Green With Bamboo

The World Will Thank You For Going Green With Bamboo

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Bamboo is the Fastest-Growing Plant on Earth

Bamboo may look pretty, but that’s not the only thing working in its favor. It is also saving the world one bamboo shoot at a time. That may seem like a lot to put on one plant, but it definitely isn’t wilting under pressure.

Although the products look similar to those made of lumber, bamboo is actually a grass, not a tree. It may not resemble grass in its looks, but it definitely does in its growth. Bamboo is recognized as the fastest growing plant in the world. On average, it grows a little over a foot and a half per hour and can reach maturity in as little as five years.

Comparatively, oak grows 12 inches per year and takes 120 years to mature. A sixty-foot tree takes 60 years to replace, but a bamboo plant can be regenerated in 59 days. Bamboo’s exceedingly high growth rate shows that this is an incredibly sustainable and renewable resource.

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Bamboo can Grow Back By Itself

Along with growing rapidly, bamboo also self-regenerates. If properly taken care of, there is no need to replant bamboo after harvesting. Also, it is very adaptable and can grow in any environment and any soil except for long, drawn-out cold (such as Antarctica). Bamboo also takes little upkeep and water to grow successfully.


Bamboo naturally grows back faster in many different environments. On the other hand, palm trees take a long time to regrow their leaves. Once one dead leaf falls, a new cycle starts - they don’t just grow an infinite amount of leaves at one time. Bamboo is constantly growing and regenerating itself. Additionally, no chemicals are needed to keep a bamboo plant safe. They are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-pests, unlike palm trees.


It isn’t a secret that we are depleting our resources faster than it can be sustained. Using bamboo products is the greenest choice available. These plants alone are known to help global warming effects. Not only does bamboo release 35% more oxygen than that of similar trees, but it also absorbs carbon dioxide like a sponge. In fact, some scientists and environmentalists believe if bamboo was planted in large amounts around the globe, then it could reverse global warming within six years while also providing people with food and material. As if bamboo isn’t eco-friendly enough, there is also little-to-no waste after harvesting. We use almost all of the bamboo plant for various reasons. Thus, no raw bamboo plants clog up our landfills. Bamboo roots are also durable enough to stay in the ground even after harvesting. This decreases the chances for erosion and creates a more stable system for other plants to sustain life.

Durable and Gorgeous

We also use bamboo because the material is incredibly strong. It is very flexible and can withstand stress more than steel. Due to this fact, builders use bamboo to build houses and buildings in earthquake-prone areas. It only makes sense that we use this high quality material to make our premium products. In addition to its strength, bamboo is also beautiful. The light wooden look adds a classy contrast to bright colors. All products are organic, and that can be seen within the product itself. Each product is unique, depending on the specific plant used. Bamboo tableware and flatware will surely make a lasting impact on customers. Especially in catering companies and food trucks where plain plastic or paper products are popular, bamboo will stand out among everything else. It won’t weigh heavily on your conscience either because using these products will reduce your impact on the environment.

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Our bamboo collection includes a vast variety of items including napkin dispensers, boats, bowls, cones, stands, cups, cutlery, plates, skewers, and picks. Each product is 100% organic and biodegradable, so we can give bamboo directly back to our planet. These products showcase bamboo’s natural beauty while also being durable and long-lasting.

At Restaurantware, we are dedicated to bring you the most innovative and modern choices. Our products are the most fashionable and affordable tableware available.

Our bamboo line is one of our most popular, and, with bamboo’s impressive impact on the world, it is easy to see why.