Tetsubin Tea Cups‰

These classic Tetsubin Tea Cups are perfect to use at restaurants, catering events or home party celebrations. They are made from high quality cast iron, which adds a durability to the overall construction of the cups. These cool Tetsubin Tea Cups also have a traditional, appealing quality that makes them the perfect vessels to use for tea, coffee and other hot beverages.

Tetsubin Tea Cups Cooking Applications

Are you trying to find the perfect element to finish off your tea party tableware? Look no further, these Tetsubin Tea Cups will add that special touch to your tea party. Our hot tea cups come in a variety of styles so you can use them at a home tea party or for simply serving tea in your restaurant.

Our Japanese tea iron cups will impress all your party and restaurant guests. They have a quaint classic look that you can't find from other types of tea cups. Amaze everyone by serving up your tea, coffee and other hot beverages in a cast iron tea cup and watch everyone sip your creations in a pleasurable manner.