Get eco-friendly with your food presentation and bring nature straight to your table by using Restaurantware’s selection of wooden serving trays. We offer an assortment of serving trays, platters, and cutting boards to artfully display appetizers and desserts. Perfect for all of your presentation needs, use our wooden serving trays to effortlessly create charming tablescapes at any event. 

Ideal for catering events, restaurants, or hotel lobbies, our serving trays come in a variety of different sizes and unique designs. Crafted from premium wood, these serving platters are stylish and sustainable. Featuring bark edges, framed edges, and slatted edges, our wooden serving trays add a rustic yet sleek touch to your nature-inspired displays. Our wood serving platters are available in a variety of shapes such as rectangle, oval, or round to perfectly complement the design of your tablescape. Lightweight and easy to hold, our serving platters are great for carrying prepared dishes from the kitchen to your guest’s table.

Great for serving hot or cold foods, you can easily plate all kinds of delicious cheese arrangments, appetizers, or desserts on our wooden serving platters and trays. Our serving trays add natural beauty to any event and can be used as centerpieces, cutting boards, or food displays. Choose from our collection of wooden serving trays to perfectly arrange dishes or complement the decor at your next catering event.

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