Campagna Rectangle Natural Wood Large Serving and Cutting Board - Chrome Hardware - 23 1/2" x 14" x 1" - 1 count box

Product Description

Our Campagna Large Serving and Cutting Board is perfectly suited for knocking out your prep work or elegantly serving your finished dishes. Constructed from platinum ash wood, this unique serving dish can be used as an extra large serving platter or a heavy-duty cutting board. Its engraved perimeter well is perfect for catching drippings to make sauces or gravies, while its pronounced center is excellent for displaying an assortment of sliced cheeses or charcuterie. Finished with polished chrome hardware, this wooden serving tray with handles is sure to add an elegant touch to any event setting. This wooden serving board measures 23.5 inches long by 14 inches wide. Shipped in a 1 count box.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Robust Construction for Lasting Performance

The heavy-duty construction of these serving boards ensure they can withstand the rigors of cutting, chopping, and serving without warping or breaking. The platinum ash wood used in its construction is known for its strength and longevity.

stable and precise

Pronounced Center Provides Stability

The pronounced center of these wooden serving boards provides stability while cutting or serving. This feature lets you focus your cutting and slicing actions on a centralized area, reducing the risk of the board slipping or moving during use.

neat food presentation

Engraved Perimeter Keeps The Area Clean

These charcuterie serving platters have engraved perimeter well that help to contain any juices, sauces, or crumbs that may be produced during food preparation. Avoids messes and makes it easier to keep the surrounding area clean.

Enhanced Control

Polished Handles For Grip and Style

Equipped with polished sleek hardware handles, these wooden serving boards offer a comfortable and secure grip, avoiding slips while providing better control. Plus, they add sophistication and elegance, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the board.

Dual purpose design

Cutting and Serving Made Easy

You can use the centralized area of these chopping and serving boards for chopping and slicing, while the perimeter well can be utilized for serving appetizers, cheeses, charcuterie, or even sauces or condiments. The combination of the pronounced center and engraved perimeter well makes this board versatile for both cutting and serving purposes.

Easy to maintain

Simply Wipe It Down

The smooth polished surface of these rectangular wood serving boards, coupled with the premium chrome hardware, makes it easy to clean. Wipe it down with a damp cloth or sponge after use, and it will maintain its appearance for a long time.

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Product Specs
ColorNatural and Chrome
Length (Inches)23.5
Width (Inches)14
Height (Inches)1
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