Restaurantware’s collection of chemistry barware provides an entertaining and interactive molecular gastronomy experience for your customers. Use our chemistry flask barware as a truly memorable, unique and avant-garde solution for serving infusions, craft cocktails, deconstructed desserts, and more.

From lab to table, Restaurantware’s glass flasks are perfect for getting your customers intrigued in cocktail chemistry and mixology. Whether you’re serving them deconstructed cocktails, tasting flights, or samples of beers and wines, our chemistry themed cocktail sets have you covered. Available in a variety of sizes, our glass flasks are great for accommodating your customer’s requests for extra juices, tonics, and syrups alongside their cocktails.

Restaurantware’s array of conical flasks are a charming way to present and serve miniature cocktail offerings and individual desserts at cocktail parties and catered events. Serve these stylish flasks with our collection of plastic pipettes for an unforgettable modern gastronomic experience.

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