Sugar Sticks

Restaurantware’s organic sugar sticks, available in white or amber, for hot coffees, teas and infusions. Use our sugar sticks an elegant, alternative to sugar packets. The rock candy part of the stirrer is made with organic, sugar crystals and the handle is crafted with eco-friendly bamboo.
  • Dryden Amber Sugar Sticks BK8032

    Dryden Amber Sugar Sticks 72 count box


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  • Dryden White sugar stick bk8031

    Dryden White sugar stick 72 count box


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Sugar Sticks Information

Sugar sticks go well with other edibles

These sugar sticks are only the beginning of our vast edibles collection. Our edibles products work well together, so don't forget to shop all of our products. We have many different cones, tart shells, tartlets, mixes, and more.

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Our edibles are great in the kitchen

We have many different options in our edibles collection and all aim to help you in the kitchen. Our sugar sticks will surely impress your customers just like our other edibles.

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Our sugar sticks are made from gourmet ingredients, so they will surely dazzle your customers. There are many different ways you can use our decadent sugar sticks. You can either serve these with drinks, dishes, or even alone.

Sugar sticks and edibles innovate your kitchen

These sugar sticks not only add a delicious flavor to drinks and dishes, but they are also gorgeous. The beauty and decadency of our sugar sticks will surely shock customers.

Our edibles help make your life ion the kitchen easier. Our sugar sticks save you time by not having to make these from scratch. They also save you money and are specially made to impress customers.

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