Streamline your portioning and serving with Restaurantware’s spoodles, which combine the functionality of a scoop, a spoon, and a ladle. This stellar all-in-one tool saves time and eliminates the need for multiple serving utensils -- reducing labor and equipment costs -- and boosting your staff’s efficiency and productivity.

Restaurantware offers a selection of various sized spoodles and portioning spoons, available in either solid or perforated styles. All of our food service portion spoons feature color-coded, heat-resistant plastic grips for easy identification -- and to help prevent cross-contamination while preparing and plating food on the line.  

Our spoodles are also ideal to use as portion control servers to ensure consistency and uniformity during food prep and service. And, with the option of perforated or non-perforated styles, our spoodles can easily be used for many types of dishes, like rice, vegetables, stews, soups, sauces, gravies, pastas, prepared proteins, and more!

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