The wrong kind of pizza wheel can be a drag. Since cutting up pizza slices is their only function, the wrong pizza wheel means you’re stuck with having to cut uneven, sloppy slices. What’s left is not so much a sliced pizza, but more of an almost sliced pizza. As it is with any kitchen tool, you can’t settle for almost. That’s why Restaurantware’s Met Lux stainless steel pizza cutter is the best choice for restaurants, bakeries, food trucks, pizzerias and any other establishment that serves up their version of the iconic pie.

Our pizza wheels are stainless steel that feature easy grip, plastic handles. Built for perfect cuts all the way through, these pizza cutters give you a thoroughly sliced, beautiful pie, every time. Slicing all the way through a pizza is key, and these slicers cut cleanly through crusts wth one roll, leaving evenly-proportioned slices for customers to grab and eat without having to break the pie apart.

Durable, sleek, sharp, and easy you use, these pizza wheels from Restaurantware are an essential tool for all kitchens that prepare and serve pizzas of all types and styles -- from New York style, to Chicago style, to flat bread, Sicilian, Greek, and Neapolitan.

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