RW Base 10 oz Clear Polycarbonate Dredge Spice Shaker - with White Extra Coarse Lid - 4 3/4" x 3 1/4" x 4" - 1 count box

Product Description

Our RW Base 10-ounce Clear Polycarbonate Dredge Spice Shaker offers a durable solution for handling coarse spices. With its crack-resistant, transparent design, this salt and pepper shaker makes it simple to identify the red pepper or other contents inside. Featuring a built-in handle and secure grip, this coarse spice shaker provides optimal control when seasoning foods. The perforated white lid of this salt pepper dredge shaker keeps dry rubs and other coarse seasonings easily accessible. Lightweight yet sturdy, this spice shaker for kitchen use has an easy-to-handle design. The stable base of this herb shaker ensures that it won't topple over from the countertop during the process of coating meats or sprinkling desserts. Showcasing contents beautifully, this heavy-duty shaker has a crystal-clear finish. This reusable dredge shaker holds 10 ounces of spices and measures 4.75 inches long by 3.25 inches wide by 4 inches high for compact storage. Sold in a 1 count box.

For Any Spice

Perforated Lids

These salt shakers are equipped with lids featuring perforations ranging from extra fine to coarse, providing users with the versatility to finely adjust the size of spice particles. Enable precise flavor enhancement in your culinary creations with ease.

Long-Lasting Use

Polycarbonate Construction

The polycarbonate construction of these seasoning containers ensures exceptional durability and allows them to stand up to breakage and wear. This results in a long-lasting storage solution that can withstand frequent use in the kitchen.

Perfect Size

Holds Up To 9.5 Ounces

With a generous capacity of up to 9.5 ounces, these shakers provide ample space to store a variety of spices. Conveniently have your favorite seasonings readily available for cooking and seasoning.

Easy To Clean

Wash By Hand

These sugar dispensers can be easily hand washed, simplifying the cleaning process and ensuring unsoiled storage for different spices. No need for complicated maintenance.

Secure Grip

Built-In Handle

Featuring a built-in handle, these spice containers offer a secure grip while in use, avoiding accidental slips or spills. You will have enhanced control during seasoning, resulting in a more comfortable and efficient cooking experience.

Quick Identification

Crystal Clear Finish

The crystal clear finish of these seasoning shakers allows for quick identification of the stored spices, removing the need to open each shaker individually and providing visual convenience. Save time and effort during food preparation.

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Product Specs
Capacity9.5 oz
Length (Inches)4.8
Width (Inches)3.2
Height (Inches)4
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