Elevate your plating skills to a professional level with Restaurantware’s collection of plating tools. Formed from superior materials, these plating utensils ensure longevity and resistance against wear and tear, even as you construct your culinary masterpieces. The diversity within this set of chef plating tools gives you many possibilities to design breathtaking presentations for all your dishes.

This selection includes a versatile plating set that starts with an offset spatula with a PP handle, unparalleled in smoothing sauces or transporting delicate items onto your artwork of a plate. The chef plating kit also includes a straight and curved tong equipped with serrated tips, offering an outstanding grip and control for precision garnishing or tactful ingredient arrangement. Moreover, the ergonomically designed offset tong gives a solid hold on your gourmet food from various angles, optimizing user comfort. One of the highlights of this plating utensils ensemble is the saucier spoon, deftly designed with a tapered spout for drizzling an array of sauces, dressings, and oils over your desserts or signature entrees. Furthermore, the slotted plating spoon comes with a tapered bowl, perfect for efficiently separating food and liquid while serving or drizzling. Keeping the chaos of a bustling kitchen in mind, a roll pouch is included with the tool set. This allows easy organization, protection, and an uncluttered workspace.

Each tool in this assortment is designed for comfort and efficiency, suitable for both hot and cold dishes, enhancing your versatility in the kitchen. A selection of plating tools feature grooved handles to provide an exceptional grip. Every cutlery in this chef plating kit is crafted considering user efficiency. Check out our other categories too, such as our tableware, bakeware, or kitchen torches, to compliment these masterfully curated plating tools. This chef plating kit is an investment to elevate your guests' dining experience by crafting exquisite presentations that would rival any Michelin Star establishment.

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