Every restaurant kitchen needs professional grade stainless steel mixing bowls to get things done quickly and thoroughly, and Restaurantware’s selection of small and large mixing bowls offer a high quality, durable and practical tool for all chefs, cooks, bakers, and caterers.. 

These stainless steel Met Lux mixing bowls are heavy duty, durable, and lightweight. Their versatility allows for mixing of all kinds of ingredients, and their stainless steel emboss allows for easy cleaning. These mixing bowls have a wider basin than traditional mixing bowls, making it easier for mixing sauces, and whip cream, as well as blending batters, eggs, cake mix and more. They’re also stackable for easy storage in tight spaces.

From mixing batters to kneading dough, and all things mix-related, these mixing bowls from Restaurwantware are the ideal tool for your kitchen.

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