Brush, scrub, and scrape your grills with Restaurantware’s collection of grill brushes. Our selection of premium grill brushes allows you to remove tough stains and leave your commercial grill’s grates looking spotless. 

Featuring stainless steel bristles, our grill cleaning tools won’t easily flatten to guarantee they last you a long time. Available in various sizes, some of our grill cleaning brushes are long to keep your hands from making contact with hot grates, while others are small enough to provide perfect control while tackling tough spots. A selection of our scrubbers has either a scraper, scouring pad, or both to remove hardened stains or wipe grills without leaving scratches. 

The barbecue cleaning brushes with stainless steel handles are corrosion-resistant to keep their high-quality look, while the brushes with plastic handles are heat-resistant for cleaning grills right after cooking. Browse our grill scrubbers to find the most effective brush for cleaning your grills after service hours. 

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