Take dessert and drink presentations to new heights with Restaurantware’s collection of coffee stencils. Our assortment of unique coffee stencils adds an eye-catching, playful touch to lattes that are sure to impress your customers and set your foodservice establishment apart from the competition.

Constructed from high-quality stainless steel with carefully crafted cut-outs, our latte stencils are built to create clear designs of powdered cinnamon, chocolate, or other toppings on coffees served at your establishment. From smiley faces and suns to coffee beans and hearts, our drink stencils are available in a variety of designs to perfectly complement the aesthetic of your coffee shop, bakery, or restaurant. Our coffee stencils are equipped with built-in handles for easy use and stability while decorating treats. Great for adding a unique touch to beverages or baked goods, simply place our latte stencils right over steamy cappuccinos or warm pastries to neatly sprinkle on artwork. 

If you’re looking to bring a creative look to food and beverages, our array of coffee stencils are ideal for you. Easy to handle and made for daily use, shop our collection of coffee stencils for the perfect finishing touch to food and drink orders.

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