Take your canning to the next level and keep your hands safe with our collection of canning jars. Robustly constructed from high-quality stainless steel, these canning jar lifters are designed to give you a firm grip and ensure longevity. The canning tongs feature premium clamps, providing extra strength and preventing slippage when pulling mason jars from boiling water. Make your canning experience a breeze with the soft-touch handle on our preserving jar lifters, ensuring optimum comfort while handling your jars.

Our jar lifters are heat-resistant, so you can trust they'll hold up even when working with the scorching temperatures involved in the canning process. The vibrant finish on our jar lifters adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen utensil collection. Consisting of 6 heat-resistant tools, our canning utensil set is durable and will cover all your canning needs. Safely remove jars from boiling water with the vinyl-coated jar lifter, featuring a comfortable soft-touch handle. Pick up jar lids easily using the magnetic lid lifter, pour liquids precisely with the wide-mouth funnel, and tighten lids securely with the vinyl-coated jar wrench. Say goodbye to bubbles and preserve the quality of your canned goods with our handy bubble popper.

Explore our range of canning jar lifters to make your home canning experience safer, easier, and more enjoyable. Equip yourself with our potato mashers, mixing bowls, and spatulas to ensure you have everything you need in a commercial kitchen. 

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