When you need a detailed cutting job, such as peeling a cooked potato or julienning tomatoes, the paring knife needs to be your go-to. Paring knives’ blades are crafted for agility and maneuverability, giving them the ability to cut into small corners, and slice through curves with ease and efficiency. Restaurantware’s professional paring knives are the perfect blade to have on hand for affectively slicing garlic, chopping roasted peppers, deveining shrimp, preparing spare ribs for the grill, and so much more.

Our Japanese steel paring knives are stain resistant, hold a superior edge, and are purposed with an elegantly crafted, ergonomic handle. Our German steel knives, meanwhile, come with colored pins to easily identify allergen designated knives and HAACP coding to prevent cross contamination.

Whether it’s coring and peeling tomatoes, segmenting oranges, preparing brussels sprouts, or edging artichokes, Restaurantware’s professional paring knives will get the job done easily and efficiently.

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