Restaurantware's cut-resistant gloves are expertly engineered from high-performance polyethylene and ultra-strong glass fibers to provide an unbeatable level of protection against cuts, nicks, scratches, and other accidental injuries. Combining the highest level of protection with a flexible and lightweight design, our professional cut-resistant gloves are ideal for accomplishing all types of tasks in commercial kitchens and foodservice establishments.

Whether you're looking for the best cut-resistant gloves for filleting fish or finely mincing herbs, our Life Protector Collection has what you need to boost the speed and efficiency of your kitchen. These food-safe and cut-resistant gloves boast an extremely comfortable and ergonomic design that makes it simple to execute even the most precise and detail-oriented food preparations in fast-paced professional kitchens.

Awarded with the highest level of protection, our level 5 cut-resistant gloves are able to greatly diminish the risk of serious injury from mandoline slicers, peelers, graters, deli slicers, and other sharp blades and knives. From the versatile array of sizes to the wide selection of non-slip styles, Restaurantware's Life Protector Collection ensures that you'll be able to find the perfect fit for the job.

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