A chef’s knife is among the most versatile of all professional kitchen knives -- a chef’s go-to utensil for mincing, chopping, slicing, and dicing. Restaurantware’s chef’s knives are designed to tackle many tasks in the kitchen -- and make it easy for you to prep efficiently, neatly, and precisely.  

Widely recognized as some of the best chef’s knives, our selection includes ultra-strong Damascus chef knives and German steel knives. They feature broad, pointed blades with extra-fine, sharp edges -- perfect for both fine mincing and rough chopping.  

Restaurantware’s chef knives feature comfortable, easy to grip handles that make sure the knife feels strong, sturdy, and balanced in your hand.  Our collection of German and Japanese chef’s knives are designed to be all purpose tools -- streamlining all of the cutting, slicing, and chopping on the line.

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