A high quality bread knife, with an extra-sharp and durable serrated edge, is an essential tool for providing clean, consistent slices of breads, pastries, and cakes. Restaurantware’s serrated knives are super sharp, durable, and designed to quickly cut through rolls, baguettes, and other types of breads -- so you can spend less time on food prep and assembly.

Restaurantware’s bread knives are strong enough to swiftly slice crunchy, french baguettes and precise enough to smoothly halve freshly baked croissants. Their sharp, serrated teeth makes it easy for the blade to grip and slice through both hard, tough foods and soft, delicate foods.  For especially high volume, busy kitchens, we offer an offset serrated knife for added comfort in use and handling.

We offer a selection of premium stainless steel serrated kitchen knives that are tough, well-balanced, and rust-resistant. Choose our renowned Japanese Damascus bread knife or our German steel bread knife -- either way, you’ll be adding a reliable, professional kitchen knife to your collection.

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