The best boning knife has an ultra-sharp point and a thin, narrow blade that expertly glides through meat, fish, and poultry to effortlessly remove bones.  Restaurantware’s selection of premium professional boning knives are designed to do just that.

Restaurantware’s German and Japanese boning knives feature razor sharp blades that cleanly slice through many different types of meat -- making it simple to execute neat, crisp cuts without any mangled, ragged edges. Deboning meats is far easier and far more successful when the proper knife, like Restaurantware’s 6 inch boning knife, is used.  

A good boning knife is crucial to eliminate bad, ugly cuts and waste less meat -- helping to reduce your food cost and boost your profit margin.  Choose from Restaurantware’s professional boning knives and make sure that you have the right tool for the job!

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