DuraLux Kraft Paper Washable Bag - 7 3/4" x 7 3/4" x 9 3/4" - 1 count box

Product Description

Store your hand-picked produce with our DuraLux Kraft Paper Washable Bag. Manufactured from premium kraft paper, this reusable paper bag boasts a durable construction to ensure longevity and reliable use - from grocery trips to packing supplies on the go. This washable paper bag is dishwasher-safe and machine-washable for effortless cleaning and long-lasting usability, making it a practical and sustainable choice. The innovation and open-top design of this reusable storage bag can be folded down, enabling convenience and efficiency for easy access to its contents. This washable paper tote bag is tear-resistant and suitable to carry baked goods, fruits, or vegetables without spilling. The kraft brown finish of this washable bag creates a rustic charm and complements any kitchen decor. This kraft paper bag is eco-friendly and offers a greener alternative to traditional plastic bags. Each washable grocery bag measures 7.75 inches in length by 7.75 inches in width by 9.75 inches in height. Sold in a 1 count box.

Modern & Stylish

Adds A Sophisticated Touch

With a contemporary aesthetic, these washable paper bags exude a fashionable appeal. Plus, the construction fibers are breathable, which helps maintain freshness.

Easy To Maintain

Machine Washable And Dishwashable

These paper bags can conveniently be popped into the dishwasher or washing machine for a thorough cleanup. Simply air dry and reuse multiple times!

Lasts For A Long Time

Made From Durable Material

These reusable paper bags are made from a strong and durable material that doesn’t tear easily. The strong paper material lasts a long time, even after repeated use.

Useful For Various Purposes

Versatile For Daily Use

The premium build of these premium paper bags lets them be used as shopping bags, storage containers, or even centerpieces for dining tables. They can also be easily folded to the desired height.

Sustainable Construction

Ecologically-Conscious Material

Constructed with paper, these washable paper tote bags are sustainable to help reduce your carbon footprint. Generate less waste by adopting an ecologically-conscious option!

Multiple Options Available

Comes In Various Sizes And Colors

Available in various sizes and color options to choose from, these washable storage bags can easily match your preference. Use this fashionable and sustainable bag for your next grocery shopping trip!

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)7.87
Width (Inches)7.87
Height (Inches)9.84
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