Nature Tek Wood Gourmet Cutting Board - with Juice Groove, Handle - 17 1/4" x 12 3/4" - 1 count box

Product Description

Cut up meats and vegetables in a mess-free manner with our Nature Tek Wood Gourmet Cutting Board. Made with pine wood fibers, this wood composite cutting board is durable yet lightweight. This vegetable cutting board features an oval handle for comfortable use and space-efficient storage. With an integrated juice groove on one side, this chopping board captures liquids before it gets to the countertop. The non-grooved side of this kitchen board can be used as a food-prep tray or serving tray. This wooden chopping board is dishwasher-safe for effortless cleaning. To maintain hygiene and to resist bacteria, this non-stick natural fiber cutting board won't absorb moisture or odors. The hot and cold-friendly surface of this carving board is heat-resistant up to 350F, enabling you to use it as a trivet. This knife-safe cutting board with juice groove prevents your blades from becoming dull over time and is safe to use with serrated knives. With a dual-tone design, this gourmet cutting provides a rustic look to match the environment of your kitchen while keeping it clean. Measuring 17.25 inches long by 12.75 inches wide, this standard-size cutting board provides ample room to cut up multiple food items. Shipped in a 1 count box.

Durable Construction

Made From Wood Fiber Composite

Ideal for everyday use! Constructed with pine wood composite, these flat cutting boards are long-lasting and heavy-duty.

Avoid Messes

Integrated Juice Groove

These chopping boards are built with an integrated juice groove to capture juice and food runoffs, keeping counters clean. Cut juicy fruits and chicken with confidence!

Simple Storage & Handling

Ergonomic Oval Handle

Designed with an oval handle, these wood composite cutting boards allow you to easily transfer chopped ingredients into a bowl. Plus, you can hang them for simple storage.

Gentle On Blades

Won't Dull Knives Over Time

These double-sided cutting boards won't dull knives even after heavy use, as the wood fiber material is gentle on blades. Can be used with serrated knives too!

Versatile Design

Trivet For Hot Pans

These handy gourmet cutting boards withstand high temperatures of up to 350°F, enabling them to be used as a trivet. Flip the boards to use them as flat food prep surfaces, as they don't feature a groove!

Easy To Clean

No-Porous & Dishwashable

Simply pop it into the dishwasher after use! These no-porous cutting boards don't absorb odors, oils, or moisture, making cleaning easier.

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