A savory Spanish concoction of yellow rice mixed and topped with red peppers, garlic and seafood -- such as shrimp, clams, and lobster, or seasoned meats, like chorizo, and chicken -- paella is a dish you need to get just right. That’s why Restaurantware offers stainless steel, induction-ready paella pans to help you stick the landing.

Dependable, long-lasting, and versatile, our paella pans come in 8 or 10 inch sizes, have handles for ease of transportation, and are designed for easy cleaning and inspired cooking. Their wide stainless steel basins allow for even cooking and ample mixing of any ingredients and spices you’re adding to the blend of rice, vegetables and meats.

Perfect for any kitchen that serves up this Spanish culinary wonder -- as well as for preparing a variety of other meals as well -- Restaurantware’s paella pans are a convenient and elegant way to make deliciously enticing paella of all kinds, be it Valencian, seafood, or mixed.

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