When crafting culinary works of art, safety should always come first. Protect your cooks with Restaurantware’s line of professional chef’s aprons. These cooking aprons are heat resistant and made of the highest quality for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Woven with a special flame-retardant coating, these grill aprons are suitable for chefs cooking in commercial kitchens and near high flames. The protective cotton fabric provides protection against high heat with the ability to resist flames, making this line of chef’s aprons the ideal cooking bib for every type of cook. These heat-resistant cooking aprons are designed with adjustable straps that provide a convenient one-size-fits-all attire.

The fire retardant fabric is also strong and sturdy enough to withstand commercial kitchen use and is sure to last for years to come. Restaurantware’s line of BBQ aprons come in a variety of colors that are sure to complement the ambiance of your food establishment. These flame retardant aprons are perfect for chefs at catering events and any place food is cooked and served.

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