Restaurantware’s bar shakers are constructed from premium material, making them built to last. The durability of these bar shakers ensures that they can withstand the rigors of a fast-paced bar environment, making them a reliable choice for professional bartenders. With our selection of high-quality bar shakers, bartenders can rely on delivering exceptional service and unforgettable drinking experiences for their customers.

Our selection of heavy-duty martini shakers won't freeze easily, allowing bartenders to create and efficiently serve cocktail after cocktail continuously. The sturdy steel construction of our bar tins ensures that you'll be able to achieve leak-resistant and drip-resistant seals, keeping messes behind the bar to a minimum. In addition, these drink shakers save time and effort in cleaning up and enhance the bar's professional appearance, creating a more enjoyable atmosphere for both staff and patrons.

The sleek and polished finish of these steel shakers adds a touch of elegance to any bar setup, elevating the visual appeal of the entire beverage service. Plus, our cocktail shaker selection features various finishes and styles, including silver, gold, and copper, allowing bartenders to choose the perfect finish to complement their bar's aesthetic. Our selection of drink shakers pairs perfectly with our coordinating collection of stylish bar strainers. Complete your bar supplies and continuously create the perfect smooth cocktail with the help of our mixing glasses and muddlers

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