Restaurantware knows that muddling mint, herbs, and fresh fruits is vital to infusing your cocktails with delicious, refreshing flavors. We also know that reliable bar muddlers are crucial for making hand-crafted cocktails quickly and easily -- and making sure that your customers stay happy and hydrated.

Restaurantware’s selection of cocktail muddlers feature sturdy, easy to grip handles. This ensures bartenders can comfortably and securely smash lime wheels, crush pineapple wedges, and mash lemon slices. The streamlined design of our muddlers makes it easy to quickly rinse, wash, and reuse them -- ensuring that bartenders won’t get slowed down, and that drinks come out in no time.  

Restaurantware’s collection of stylish cocktail muddlers are available in a variety of chic finishes, including natural beechwood and sleek stainless steel. Choose from our array of attractive bar muddlers to make impressive mojitos, mint juleps, and innovative hand-crafted cocktails.

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