Easily pop open bottles with Restaurantware's collection of bottle openers. Whether you offer guests old-fashioned soda bottles at your restaurant or bottled beers at your bar, our bottle openers allow you to quickly open bottles with a metal cap to keep your foodservice establishment running smoothly. With their ergonomic design, our bottle openers provide a comfortable grip, making it effortless for your staff to open bottles throughout the day.

Our bottle cap openers are designed with cap catchers that conveniently catch the caps of bottles you open to keep them off the floor and your foodservice establishment clean. Each beer opener is crafted with a sturdy base that provides stability on surfaces to help prevent drinks from spilling when opening bottles. Our bottle openers feature a compact design that can be stored underneath your bar or on bar tops to provide your employees with easy access and ensure your bar stays organized. The cap catchers can be easily emptied, allowing for quick and hassle-free cleanup during busy shifts.

Explore our wide selection of bottle openers to find the opener that best fits your foodservice establishment's needs. Available in a variety of colors and styles, our bottle cap openers perfectly complement your bar equipment while keeping counters clear of clutter. From classic stainless steel designs to vibrant options that add a pop of color to your bar area, we have the perfect bottle opener to match your establishment's aesthetic. Enhance the elegance of your drink presentations with our exquisite selection of ice tongs and muddlers. Explore our range of swizzle sticks to add a stylish touch to your beverages, elevating your guests' experience and creating memorable moments they won't forget.

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