Be it a perfectly crafted Old Fashioned, a chilled Manhattan, or a classic New Orleans-style Sazerac, you'll need bitters on hand to mix it up just right. That's why Restaurantware's selection of bitters bottles offers refined options to keep bitters of all kinds for proper drink and cocktail mixing. Whether you're a professional mixologist or a passionate bartender, having the right tools and accessories is crucial for creating exceptional cocktails.

Any bar or restaurant that offers mixed drinks needs bitters bottles at the ready, and our elegantly designed bottles bring a classic understated style to any restaurant, bar, club, or lounge. Our bar bitters bottles are made to effectively dispense just the right amount of bitter-sweet or sour flavoring to any respective cocktail. Whether you're mixing up a classic recipe or adding your twist to a beloved cocktail, our bottles provide the precision and convenience you need to create memorable drinks every time. With a sleek design and durable construction, our bitters bottles for cocktails are ideal for professional bar setups, guaranteeing that your bitters are stored safely and in style.

Available with either gold-plated, copper-plated, or silver dashers, Restaurantware’s sturdy yet simple bar bitters bottles are the perfect bitters vessel to help effectively make the perfect martini, champagne cocktail, and other fine drinks. Easily elevate your cocktail game with our reliable tools, and let your creativity flow as you master the art of mixology. To ensure consistency with handcrafted cocktails served at your establishment, check out our jiggers and shakers. Don’t forget to also browse through our speed pourers too!

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