Bar Lux Stainless Steel Muddler Barspoon - 12" x 1 1/4" x 3/4" - 1 count box

Product Description

Bar Lux Stainless Steel Muddler Barspoon by Restaurantware is the ideal barware tool for bartenders and cocktail waitresses to serve up delicious alcohol mixers that is sure to take the edge off! Craft your drinks just right with a cocktail stirrer that's long enough to reach down to the bottom of a tall pitcher or cocktail container to skillfully mix and chill your beverages with finesse. Create a fast and efficient drink-making process as you stir and muddle with this one tool. This stainless steel-colored cocktail spoon is made of stainless steel, a metal that has stood the test of time for most cookware and barware tools. Invest in Restaurantware's Stainless Steel Bar Lux barware for bartending tools that will last! Measures at 12 inches long and holds 2.5 milliliters. Slim, quad-shaped handle. Muddle end. You will receive one bar spoon per order.

So Many Bar Tools

Stir, Mix, Or Measure Ingredients

Our Bar Lux collection has cocktail shakers, jiggers, and barspoons available, offering you the essentials needed to prep delicious handcrafted cocktails. Each bar tool is perfect for amateur drink mixers or professional bartenders!!

Improve Your Bar Cart

Choose From 4 Eye-Catching Finishes

Whether you’re making a daiquiri or margarita, these stylish bartender tools instantly improve your showmanship and capture your guests’ eyes. Available in 4 different finishes: silver, black, gold, and copper.

Strength & Durability

Premium Stainless Steel For Frequent Use

These stainless steel bar tools are naturally durable, allowing you to make cocktails while maintaining their exceptional appearance. Plus, they help keep cocktails chilled until they’re served.

Easily Prep Drinks

Ergonomic Design Boosts Efficiency

With an ergonomic design, these bar tools allow you to continuously create and efficiently serve cocktail after cocktail. Prep drinks at your family gathering or restaurant with ease!

Ultimate Precision

Consistently Craft Exact Portions

Whether you’re mixing beverages or measuring liquors, these mixology tools ensure consistency and exact proportions when creating cocktails. Consistently craft delicious cocktails while cutting down on overpouring.

Variety Of Sizes

Craft All Types Of Cocktails

Available in a number of sizes, our bartender tools allow you to effortlessly craft drinks that will be served in old fashioned glasses or highball glasses. Easily prep and serve a Mai Tai, Manhattan, or Bloody Mary.

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Product Specs
ColorStainless Steel
Length (Inches)12
Width (Inches)1.25
Height (Inches)0.75
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