Add intricate designs to your scrumptious baked goods with Restaurantware's extensive collection of premium stainless steel piping tips. Create dramatic ruffled borders with our ruffle piping tips, or pipe one-squeeze flowers with our drop flower piping tips to make all of your cake decorating ideas come to life. With a wide range of nozzle shapes and sizes, you can effortlessly add delicate lace patterns or intricate rosettes to elevate your pastry creations.

From producing precise lettering with our round piping tips to creating elegant rosettes with our petal piping tips, our Pastry Tek Collection encompasses a variety of shapes and sizes of icing tip styles to make your cake decorating process simple and seamless. Whether you're a pastry chef or a home baker, our versatile pastry bag tips will turn all of your sweet treats into dessert masterpieces. Experiment with our star tips to create stunning piped swirls or use our leaf tips to add realistic foliage details to your cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.

Featuring a dent-resistant stainless steel construction, our cake decorating tools are built for long-lasting commercial use at your bakery, restaurant, or catering company. These stainless steel cake decorating tips will make your decadent desserts look as amazing as they taste. The durable material ensures that our piping tips can withstand heavy use, providing consistent and professional results for your culinary creations. Elevate your pastry decorations to new heights with our carefully curated collection of pastry and basting brushes, as well as pastry ring molds. Delve into our assortment of icing combs and smoothers, allowing you to infuse a touch of elegance into your icing, resulting in a heightened guest experience and unforgettable, lasting memories.

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