Pastry Tek 10-Piece Metal Star Cookie Cutter Set 1 count box

Product Description

Bake glamourous star-shaped cookies using our Pastry Tek 10-Piece Metal Star Cookie Cutter Set. This set of star-shaped cookie cutters create beautiful cookies for your guest to admire and enjoy. The ten pieces of this star cookie cutter set come in different sizes and can fit into one another for easy storage. Featuring a metal construction, this set of nesting star cookie cutters can cut into any type of dough to make sugar cookies, shortbread cookies, or butter cookies. This metal star cookie cutter is great for professional use at bakeries, restaurants, and catering businesses. From smallest to largest, the lengths of these cutters are as follows: 1.25 inches, 1.75 inches, 2.25 inches, 2.75 inches, 3.25 inches, 3.75 inches, 4 inches, 4.56 inches, 5 inches, and 5.5 inches. Each order is sold in a set of 10 cookie cutters.

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)5.5
Width (Inches)3
Height (Inches)1
This product contains: Chromium, Iron, Manganese and Manganese compounds, Nickel Alloy, Phosphorus. For more information about chemicals in this product, visit
Este producto contiene: Cromo, Hierro, Manganeso y compuestos de manganeso, Aleación de níquel, Fósforo. Para más información acerca de las sustancias químicas presentes en este producto, visite
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