The oppressive days of old baking mats destroying your baked goods by making them stick to the bottom of the pan are finally over -- thanks to these ultra durable silicone baking mats from Restaurantware. With a shelf life of over 2,000 uses, not only will your baked goods come out of the oven whole, enticing and delicious, but you can also use these non-stick baking mats for freezing foods, roasting vegetables, rolling out pie dough, and so much more.

Our silicone baking mats are durable, and convenient to store. FDA Approved, and built to last, these non-stick baking liners work well for sweet or savory culinary creations of all kinds, and their silicone surface makes for easy cleaning. Moreover, not only are these baking mats safe for conventional and microwave ovens, but they can also be used in freezers to help in dessert prep. The non-stick silicone technology provides for extremely easy maintenance and outstanding durability.

Our non-stick baking mats come in both half and full sizes, so you can bake anything from fragile sugar designs to sticky brittle creations without worrying about either clinging to the mat and ruining the bottom of your pastries. These baking mats will definitely come in handy at your restaurant, catering business and party celebrations. So, end the oppression. Grab an eco-friendly silicone non-stick baking mat from Restaurantware today!

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