Pick Stands

Restaurantware’s Pick Stands display and present skewered hors d'oeuvres and desserts for catering and tasting events. Preserve the integrity of your skewered culinary creation with this ingenious food presentation solution. Our pick stands consist of carved and polished bamboo. To reuse, simply hand wash with warm water.
  • Bamboo Skewer Holder 20 holes 1 count box


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  • Bamboo Reversible Skewer Holder 20 holes 1 count box


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  • Bamboo Skewer Holder 100 holes 1 count box


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  • Restaurantware Natural Bamboo Paddle Pick Stand with 90 Holes RWB0286 with food

    Natural Bamboo Paddle Pick Stand with 90 Holes 1 count box


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  • Restaurantware Six Level Bamboo Pick Stand with 180 Holes RWB0287 with food

    Six Level Bamboo Pick Stand with 180 Holes 1 count box


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  • Restaurantware Short Bamboo Trunk Stand 72 holes 12 inch RWB0334 with food

    Short Bamboo Trunk Stand 72 holes 12 inch 1 count box


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  • Test Nick


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Pick Stands Information

Innovate your display with our pick stands

These amazing Skewer and Pick stands are designed to fit most any sized skewers or picks within our collection. They are great for catered events and fit perfectly in any type of restaurant environment. Plus, Restaurantware's skewer and pick stands can be used on causal and upscale table displays.

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Reusable bamboo pick stands are great for our planet

All of our pick stands are made from organic bamboo, so they are also environmentally friendly. Each stand is reusable, so you are automatically helping the planet by recycling within your business. This eliminates the need for more resources and also lessens the detrimental waste in our landfills.

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Chefs everywhere can benefit from using one of Restaurantware's skewer & pick stands. We have a wide selection of kebob stands and skewers, each one having its own unique design and style.

Revolutionize your skewer displays

Most kebab racks and stands are intended for reuse. All skewer holders and kebab racks are made of high quality material. Get yourself some of our skewers and stands and you will always have a way to showcase all your yummy culinary treats.

At Restaurantware, we want to help you in any possible way. Thus, we carry wonderful bamboo pick stands to ease your dilemma when serving multiple skewers at once. You won't have to worry about this again with our elegant pick stands. These are gorgeous and reliable.

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