Retail Packaging

Restaurantware’s retail packaging offers several of our catering products including skewers, picks, plates, and cutlery in smaller count quantities. Add these tableware supplies to your catering event or restaurant without storing bulk quantities. Speak with a Restaurantware representative to discover additional retail packaging solutions for your restaurant or catering business.

All products in retail packaging are also available in bulk. Shop online now for lowest prices with convenient and fast shipping.

Chat with our friendly sales team to find the product that's right for you. Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 7 PM CST 800-851-9273.

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Retail Packaging Information

Our skewers are as versatile as ever

Retail packaged skewers are just a different way to buy our magnificent skewers. You can still use these in many different ways, depending on your specific needs.

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Retail packages, same eco-friendly picks

Our bamboo picks are a green choice for any business. With the rise of skewered appetizers, choosing an eco-friendly pick to use is vital when trying to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Be known as the most magnificent caterer in town by using astonishing Restaurantware's awe-inspiring disposable tableware for weddings, black tie affairs and other upscale catering events. We offer a great selection of retail items that will help you create a one of a kind catering event.

Retail packaged skewers are a wonderful choice

Accomplish your catering greatness with the help of Restaurantware's retail items disposable tableware. We offer the finest and grandest disposable party tableware, flatware and decorations that you will find on the market.

Our retail items are perfect for many different chefs. These come in more convenient packaging for different business. Thus, they are a great alternative depending on your company.

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